Supporting the
Irish Veterinary Community


About us

The Irish Veterinary Benevolent Fund was established under the auspices of the Irish Veterinary Association, one of the precursors of Veterinary Ireland, in 1982 by five prominent veterinary practitioners as a charitable trust with the purpose of providing financial or other assistance to veterinary practitioners and the families of veterinary practitioners who had encountered difficulties. Recently IVBF has converted into a company limited by guarantee which is now the preferred format for registered charities. IVBF has also extended its remit to include veterinary nurses and the families of veterinary nurses as beneficiaries in its new constitution.

The conversion of IVBF from a trust to a company limited by guarantee opens the way to inviting veterinary organisations such as Veterinary Council, Veterinary Ireland, Veterinary Officers Association, Clinical societies and other veterinary bodies to nominate members to the company from which directors and officers will be chosen. This will re-invigorate IVBF and provide the next generation of volunteers. It is worth emphasising that all our current and past directors and members are volunteers who do not draw and have never drawn “out of pocket” expenses for attending meetings and our other activities.
IVBF provides a Financial Support Programme and has recently funded Irish access to the UK Vetlife programme. Quite often the financial wellbeing of a practitioner goes hand in hand with their mental wellbeing

As the name implies the Financial Support programme provides financial assistance. Examples of financial support IVBF currently provides are regular monthly income supplements, one off payments for specific purposes and short term assistance with mortgage repayments. However each enquiry and application for support is considered on its individual merits and is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

IVBF/ Vetlife

IVBF is currently embarking on a new programme with Vetlife and March on Stress. We have funded 24 hour access to the Vetlife helpline. Counselling will be provided by March On Stress. This is an exciting new development which we hope will provide access to any member of the Veterinary profession who may be struggling in these challenging times. We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our profession and want to reach out to provide financial and mental health assistance to our colleagues when they need it.

Who We Help

The programme is available to Veterinary professionals (Veterinary Practitioners and Veterinary Nurses) that are employed, self-employed or retired, their families and dependent family members over 16 years of age.